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  • In a season with no shortage of ways to blow your budget—travel, holiday gifts and the like—any way to save a little cash is more than welcome. But if you’re in dire need (ok, want) of a new handbag, that can prove easier said than done. Rather than throwing frugality to the wind and shelling […]
  • WOMEN’S HANDBAG STYLE GUIDE 2019: WHAT’S THE BEST WOMEN’S HANDBAG FOR ME?   Fashion is just as important to women than it is to men (maybe a tiny a bit more actually). It’s known that a person’s choice of style is an essential component of a first impression. You need to cultivate a style that […]
  •   SINA COVA is launching the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, exclusively for women. The collection is paired with the best cow leather across a range of colourful and wearable styles.      From bags to accessories, the collection offers a variety of supple, urban, contemporary shapes         The collection will be available soon […]
  • It still looks good but you aren’t sure if it is, in fact, real leather. Naturally you don’t wish to waste your good money on a wannabe fake leather bag. It would be as sacrilegious as paying for diamonds and taking home cubic zirconium! So how do you know if the bag in your hands […]